The Panther Owners Club Lincolnshire Section

The Panther Owners Club is an international vintage motorcycle club
dedicated to the use and preservation of Panther motorcycles.
The section meets on the last Sunday of the month.
From noonish at The Dog And Gun, East Butterwick, DN17 3AJ


A day in the life of the Lincs Section


Panther Motorcycles the briefest of histories

Panther motorcycles were manufactured from about 1900 (as P& M)
until the mid 1960's. They were inovative and competitive, had a
chain drive from the beginning and a tw0-speed gearbox was
introduced in 1904.

In the best known form, the Panther engine was used as a stressed
frame member - hence the sloping engine that gave the machine
it's popular "Sloper" nickname however there were also upright
singles, two-strokes and the fascinating Panthetee V-twin.

The term Panther was first used in the 1920's and the company had
sporting success in this period. Later models were known as
sidecar haulers, the last machine introduced in 1959,
the Model 120, had a 650cc engine.


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